I Hereby Resolve…

It’s that time of year again: the time of year we take a moment to think about what New Year’s resolutions we’d like to make, and try to map out a plan to make those resolutions a reality. Some of us are great at keeping our resolutions and seeing them become reality. Some of us, well… not so much.

Unfortunately, I happen to fall in the latter category. This past year, I had resolved to lose weight (which, by the way, seems to ALWAYS be at the top of my list), win the lottery, try to do my part to usher in an era of peace and goodwill, read more, write more, sharpen my brain and others that I can’t even begin to remember. While I did lose 50 pounds this past year by joining Weight Watchers, somehow I lost my willpower along the way and gained most of that back. Obviously, I didn’t win the lottery because I’m still working. Peace and goodwill? Let’s not even go there. I did start reading a little more, thanks in no small part to my partner, and I have written more, evidenced by this blog you’re now reading. Sharpen my brain? Well, let’s just say I still think someone is feeding me amnesia pills behind my back, but I can’t remember who it is that’s doing such a thing.

I’d like to say that this year will be different, although I’m sure I’ll be making some of the same resolutions. Number one, once again, is to lose weight. I’m going to try to redo all the things I learned in Weight Watchers all over again. Hopefully, I can remember where I put my willpower and get back into the groove. I resolve to try to write more. After all, the more I write, the more I enjoy it. The problem is coming up with topic ideas, and getting started. I’ll work on that, too.

One thing that jumped out at me after I came home today from work, is this idea of a “jar of awesome.” A friend of mine on facebook that recently published a picture on their timeline I just noticed today about an idea I found completely intriguing. They had the idea of taking a simple empty mason jar and filling it with notes of good things that happen to you during the year. Then, on New Year’s Eve, you empty the jar of the notes you have accumulated over the year and review all the good things that happened to you. If nothing else, it should definitely help keep things in perspective! Maybe, after reading about all the good things that happen to us during the year which I’m sure we’ll forget, we all would become more grateful for the year and the things we experienced in it.

As each of us decide what our personal resolutions for the next year will be (and admit it: you know you do it), why not give serious thought to the “jar of awesome?” You never know how it will enrich your life a years end!


4 thoughts on “I Hereby Resolve…

  1. Glenn,
    Hey I loved this post!. I’m going to do the jar idea!. I like so much!. My Dad sometimes says when something bad happens “Just give me one day” Like when nothing bad happens.. But everything to my Dad is HUGE LOL so even the little things are big. But I think if I gethim to do this jar idea too, I can show him how many really good things happen !. It’s so easy to forget the little smiles that means so much in our daily lives. The BIG events can overshadow a lot… T
    hank you for this post! Good work!!

  2. I’m sure your jar of awesome will be totally full-you might even need 2 jars! As you remember, I thought you were awesome from the day I first met you, and my feelings haven’t changed. I love you more and more, especially when I read your blogs. Here’s to a wonderful New Year for you and your partner. Peace, love and happiness!

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