Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape



4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

  1. Perpetuity

    Fathers and sons gathering on Sunday for the one PM kickoff is a rotation. Each week a different friend’s man-cave is the gathering arena. The wife’s serve the cave men, some of which arrive early to paint their faces, a banquet of football food. Testosterone is high, bet arranging and predictions written down too serve as a definition of the word wrong, after the game, is essential.

    I choose my seat, with a full plate of culinary goodness resting in my lap. “Hey Jerry”, I ask the host’s twelve year old, “what time is it”? “Can’t see the digital clock from here, Mr. Dave” he squinting replies. “Look at the clock in the kitchen Jere”. “I can’t read that one”. “Do you mean you can’t tell time on a clock with hands”? His Dad Mike says,”Yeah, he doesn’t know how to tell time on a real clock”.

    Returning my attention to the plate of food in my lap I wrestle with the fact the kid can’t read a clock. It is apparent that time changes the way time changes. “I should teach him”, but the game is starting and I do not have the time.

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