Todays Special: Bourbon Street

There are a lot of people here in Wilmington who say the property on the corner of Front and Princess Street is cursed. This spot, after all, has been home to many restaurants over the years, and none of them can seem to stay open for very long before closing. Café Phoenix, Bijoux, Paleo Sun and others have all had their brief runs here. The latest to give it a try is a new Cajun restaurant called Bourbon Street.


This past Saturday we tried out this new place. I had heard we had a new restaurant in the area, so we decided to give it a try. Since I can’t think of another Cajun place in town, I was very interested as to how this experience was going to be. I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised.

As you get closer to the corner, you can hear music coming from the restaurant that sounds reminiscent of a New Orleans jazz band, adding to the atmosphere of the place. When you walk inside, you can see the owners have taken a great deal of time to make it feel like the French Quarter during Mardi Gras, having New Orleans themed ornaments and beads everywhere.

As we took our seats, our waiter was very prompt and attentive in going over the menu with us, what certain dishes were like, and gave us plenty of time to make up our minds. Since Cajun food is known to be spicier than what my taste buds can normally tolerate, our waiter, Ron, was happy to point out that any dish could be made as mild as I liked. After taking a few minutes to peruse through the menu, I decided on the Pasta Jambalaya. Those with me tried the Shrimp Po’ Boy and the Oysters Po’ Boy.

It was a very well prepared meal. The sauce on my pasta jambalaya wasn’t runny at all, and just enough spice to remind me I was in a Cajun restaurant without having me running for the nearest water faucet. The chicken, shrimp and sausage were perfectly cooked and there was an ample amount of each in the dish. There was a lot of food on my plate, and by the time I was finished, I wasn’t sure if I would even need dinner that night.


The others I was with said their po’ boys were good, although they would have liked theirs to be more on the spicy side.

The prices are modest for what you get as well. From what I could tell, the average prices for lunch was anywhere from $12 to $15, and you get a lot of food. The wait staff were very friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. If you a question about anything on the menu, they were more than happy to talk with you about it.

All in all, I would highly recommend Bourbon Street to anyone looking for something a little different. Even though some people jokingly say the place is cursed, I hope they have enough Cajun knowledge to ward off any bad luck and will be there a while!


2 thoughts on “Todays Special: Bourbon Street

  1. Well written, of course…We will check it out before “the curse” hits…Light on the spices is this Polish guy’s norm…Swallowing razor blades is for carnival side shows…

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