The Great Snow-Dusting of 2014

So… all this week we were inundated with news about a giant snowstorm coming our way which was expected to bring an end to the world as we know it, and quite possibly, usher in the apocalypse. At one point, it was predicted we could get as much as 5 inches of the white stuff on the ground (and for southeastern North Carolina, that was a MAJOR amount of snow). Being someone who actually L-O-V-E-S snow (probably because living where I do, we hardly ever see much of it), I relished the idea and was waiting with baited breath for the big event to finally get here.

Well, after much hoopla and fanfare, all we seemed to get out of the deal was a sheet of ice with a dusting of the white stuff on the top. While it wasn’t the apocalypse, and no four horsemen have been seen riding around town bringing death and destruction with them, I did enjoy going out this morning taking pictures of what we did receive. So without further adieu, here are my pictures of what I’m calling “The Great Snow-Dusting of 2014.”
snow of 2014 001

snow of 2014 002

snow of 2014 003

snow of 2014 004

snow of 2014 005

snow of 2014 006

snow of 2014 008

snow of 2014 007

snow of 2014 019

snow of 2014 017

snow of 2014 016

snow of 2014 015

snow of 2014 014

snow of 2014 013

snow of 2014 012

snow of 2014 011

snow of 2014 010

snow of 2014 009

snow of 2014 026

snow of 2014 025

snow of 2014 023

snow of 2014 022

snow of 2014 021


2 thoughts on “The Great Snow-Dusting of 2014

  1. Whenever asked, “Where are you from” I have habitually replied that New York State was my home never revealing the city. Why is that? Thanks for asking, because they’ll make that peculiar face as if just bitten into a lemon. Years of lemon face have taught me to not mention Buffalo, New York; where a “light dusting” is three feet. If you do not write something on the back of each photo, future viewers will remark, “Oh look, Buffalo in June“.

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