The Things We Treasure

I received an email today from the wordpress site regarding a writing challenge that has been going on recently. Today, it seems, was the last day of the challenge – and wouldn’t you know it – I only noticed the email today. Today’s challenge focused on writing about things you treasure: something like a family heirloom, something you found at a flea market or anything else that holds special meaning to you.

Being the sentimental old soul that I am, my thoughts immediately went to some of the items I inherited from my Grandma after her passing. I have a cast iron bed she gave me years ago that had belonged to her and Granddaddy, which she kept in a spare bedroom. As the story goes, Granddaddy’s parents received this bed as a wedding gift when they were married in 1918. We never knew if it was handed down to them, or if it was new when they were married. After grandma passed last year, I inherited her old Christmas tree ornaments, which I always loved, as well as the old gingerbread clock she kept in her bedroom.

Out of curiosity I had Randy, a dear friend of mine who used to deal in antiques, come by the house once to take a look at them to find out how old these items actually were. They were older than I had thought. It’s not that I was interested so much in their monetary worth since I’ll never part with them (they’re priceless to me, regardless), but I had always been interested in seeing how old these items actually were. I’ll always be indebted to him for doing this for me.

As much as I value these trinkets and the memories they hold for me, there’s one particular item I treasure more than the rest. That item would be the quilt Grandma made for me years ago. She always enjoyed making quilts. I remember so many times she would be “putting in a quilt” as she called it, having moved all of the furniture in her living room and having the quilt in a rack she built in the middle of the room and sewing them by hand. I would have to guess that 90% of the times she would be quilting, her sisters were there with her as well, helping her sew the quilt. It was a favorite pastime for them all.

The reason I value this particular item more than the others is twofold: one, because she made it by hand, and two, because it was the last quilt she made for me. It reminds me so much of her; how she would painstakingly sew every thread, and knowing the love she put into the process of creating her quilts.

I do love it. It reminds me so much of her. To me, this is most treasured thing I have from my dear Grandma.



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