Cemetery Beautification Project

I wanted to break from my usual ramblings to write a quick blurb here to let all of know about a project I’m starting. The cemetery my Grandma and Granddaddy are buried in has been in need of a facelift for many years now. It is out in a little community in North Carolina named Kelly, and it sits about 3/4 mile from the highway. This project is going to involve cleaning the headstones, planting grass, trees, shrubs and attempting to make it look like a garden.

All of this work, however, will require money and time. I’ve started a crowdfunding page over at gofundme.com which gives details of what I’d like to do there. Please take a moment to look at it here and consider giving, regardless of how small or large you might think your gift might be. Every little bit helps! I’ve also created a facebook page which you can “like” so you can stay abreast of the progress we make in making the cemetery a beautiful place.

It will require a lot of work, but I consider it a labor of love. Help me make this spot a beautiful place that those who are buried there would have been proud of, and those who have loved ones there will be delighted to see.

Please pass this along to anyone you feel would be interested in helping. Thanks so much!



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